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Moments Spring sessions testing out my new Quatro shapes. Both thruster and quads. #siverexperiencecamps Red Bull GmbH Quatro International Goya Windsurfing Vids by Kevin Pritchard Giora Koren @epiccopter

Posted by Levi Siver on Sunday, 24 July 2016

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Quatro Super Mini

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First try of the Quatro Super Mini. They could have named it just Quatro Mini, because “Super” is kind of obvious haha. It was an extremely gusty side-onshore 3.5 weather, with small waves, and I can’t ride onshore at all. The board is super secure while initiating the drop from even the steepest waves and turns wonderfully – just make sure you have the foot all the way in the back foot strap, it makes finishing the turns so much easier. Later switched to Goya 80 Custom, but the wave was too weak for really enjoying a small board. I’d say that 94 Super Mini matches well with 3.5 Fringe haha, no problem there. What an Instant big like : )

surfikoht: Ristna

surfikoht: Vääna-Jõesuu

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Saadjärv on väike

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surfikoht: Saadjärv

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slaalomi Eesti meistrivõistluste avaetapp

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Ehk on kellelgi veel põnev vaadata, mu jaoks oli päris õpetlik. Pildile jäi fragmente kvalifikatsioonisõidust, ühest kolmanda, ühe teise, ja siis veel ühe kolmanda fliidi sõidust. Muud melu tuleb ise mäletada. Ühe teise fliidi sõidu, kus ma starti ei jõudnud, lõikasin puhtalt välja, kuigi lõpuks võitlesin end seal mingi nipiga tagantpoolt kolmandaks. Kõige piinlikum oli mu jaoks teine sõit, kus ma järjest käna käisin, ja loodan väga, et seetõttu kellegi teise sõitu tuksi ei keeranud. Kahju, tahtsin korraks esimesse fleeti pääseda ja täitsa oli lootust : ) Ilus päev oli, tasus tulla. Meri on ikka äge teil. Ah jaa, parandasin oma kiirusrekordit ka. 58 km/h.

surfikoht: Pirita

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Update, May 31. FB page is open again, the ban is lifted by FB and Instagram alike. Thank you everybody who made it happen!


MAUI.EE’s FB page and website banned

MAUI.EE’s Facebook page got closed on May 28-05-2016 and even the phrase “” is now banned / blocked by Facebook and Instagram. No prior warning or any explanation was given before or after the FB page was made inaccessible, and this we classify as shady and careless business by both the Facebook and Instagram which is absolutely not tolerated by, and will never be. Upon our requests the Facebook user support robots are hinting us we have not followed the Community standards, specific details of the nature of our wrongdoings are not known to us. website was launched back in 2008, soon followed by a related FB page. It has been a place where a group of friends log their windsurfing sessions, post mostly wave windsurfing related news and describe the windsurfing gear we use. No harm ever intended. Apologies to our friends, business partners and any third parties in case the issue and our alleged wrongdoing has created any trouble or harmed you in any way.


Our dear friends, if FB, Instagram, or any other website offers you to express feedback on this issue, please use the opportunity to let them know the blocking must have happened because of some error. Try mentioning “” in any comment for example. Hope this helps to lift the ban of our FB page and website.


Please feel free to ask any details regarding the issue. Contact:

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