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2009 the internationally acclaimed Custom line has been expanded and tuned size-by-size to cover a wider range of use, plus provide improved performance. The shape combines speed, early planning and easy rail to rail transitions of the V Bottom with the Concave and Couble Concave characteristics making high speed turns a secure & controlled experience. With the new dimensions you might be surprised, finding yourself planing faster and turning easier using a smaller volume board than you used to.

The Progressive Rocker Concept™ is the headlining development for all new Goya wave boards boards. Progressive rocker means the rocker evolves from the smallest to the largest boards. Maneuverability and control are maximized in the 66, and as the range grows through 72, 78 and the new 84, more emphasis is placed on early planing. The rocker, rig, fin and stance geometry and volume displacement are individually tuned for each sized board and target rider so that performance is optimized, all the while keeping with the tradition a smooth, fast and playful feeling that Goya boards are known for.

teised Goya 2009 aastra lauad: custom wave, one freestyle wave, x1 freestyle, fxr freeride, first surf

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Laud Maht
Uim Hind
Goya custom wave 66 66 232 52,0 US BOX MFC 20,5 21000.-
Goya custom wave 72 72 235 53,3 US BOX MFC 21 21000.-
Goya custom wave 78 78 237 55,4 US BOX MFC 22 21000.-
Goya custom wave 84 84 239 57,0 US BOX MFC 23 21000.-