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2009 FXR line is a compact and stable design that gets planning on the lightest breeze and flies effortlessly through the wind lulls. The tuned rockers keep the board gliding with a reduced wetted surface area. On the jibes the more compact design helps the FXR turn with ease, and finish the transitions with speed. In a straight line, the boards are extremely fast.

With the footstraps settled to the inner position, the FXR maneuvers and transitions easily. In this position, the straps are also in the ideal configuration for first time footstraps users, making getting in the straps easy and fun. With the “further out into the rail” footstraps position the more advanced rider can trim the windward rail high with more control, maximizing rail and fin lift, and increasing speed even more.

The board construction focuses on light weight and strength. The sanded finish minimizes paint weight, and biaxial glass provides great strength and dent resistance.

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Laud Maht
Uim Hind
Goya fxr freeride 105 105 241 62,7 POWER BOX MFC liquid pro 38 20000.-
Goya fxr freeride 125 125 249 67,9 POWER BOX MFC liquid pro 42 20000.-
Goya fxr freeride 145 145 258 75 POWER BOX MFC liquid pro 48 20000.-