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The One Freestyle Wave Series™ features fresh new shapes for 2009, plus the addition of a larger size, the ONE 105 to complete the range.

The headlining design improvement for this year’s One Series is also the Progressive Rocker Concept™. The rocker is tuned specifically to meet the performance demands of each board size. In the smaller sizes of 77 and 85, there is more rocker to maximize control and maneuverability. In the larger sizes of 95 and 105, there is less rocker so that early planing and a high top end speed are maximized.

The tuck line and volume displacements are tuned for each size as well, guaranteeing the same positive and playful feeling throughout the range.

The 77 & 85 feature US Boxes, the 95 & 105 feature Power Boxes

teised Goya 2009 aastra lauad: custom wave, one freestyle wave, x1 freestyle, fxr freeride, first surf

mõõdud ja hinnad

Laud Maht
Uim Hind
Goya one freestyle wave 77 77 238 56,5 US BOX MFC 23 21000.-
Goya one freestyle wave 85 85 239 58,7 US BOX MFC 24 21000.-
Goya one freestyle wave 95 95 241 61,2 POWER BOX MFC 27 21000.-
Goya one freestyle wave 105 105 242 63,3 POWER BOX MFC 29 21000.-