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The focus of this board is to get anyone to enjoy the windsurfing feeling fast and allow the rider to improve into the future on the same board. Learning to get in the straps, jibe, trim upwind or race downwind. A balanced board for beginners that can also be turned into one of the most used boards in the quiver of advanced riders. Not to forget the Stand Up Paddle assets of this stable platform.

A wide & short fin helps first time water starts in shallow sections while still maintaining enough fin area once you are planing. Additionaly, the all new fully retractable AllgaierØ dagger board brings the best of both worlds. You can choose to either have it hidden away, tucked inside the board while riding around, or have it down for first time riders or for trimming upwind on the lighter wind days. Having the daggeboard down maximizes stability while learning to uphaul.

The board features a full EVA deck. Added foam thickness in the nose area keeps the board safe from potential boom front and mast hits.

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Laud Maht
Uim Hind
Goya first surf 192 192 280 85 POWER BOX MFC 28 + svert 17000.-