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The 2009 X1 is the next generation in the highly successful Goya Freestyle Series. The X1’s target is extreme freestyle performance. The board features an increased tail bevel for reverse sliding tricks as well as an extended flat section on the deck for more direct feel through your feet. We finetuned the pop abilities of this board to a great extent. By reducing the wetted surface of its fast rocker, we achieved for the board to pop of the water like doing an ollie on a skateboard, whenever you want it. What makes this board detach more easy than others is its super light construction. Clean & sharp edges make it highly reactive to the riders pressure.

The customized inserts for foot strap set up options, an exclusive MFC 211 fin and the strong & light construction make this board perfect for endless flatwater fun. Who said flatwater was boring anyway – when you hardly ever touch it? The air is yours!

This board is made for pros by pros, and as such allows you to find out that your own maneuver limits are above what you thought they were

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Laud Maht
Uim Hind
Goya x1 freestyle 105 105 240 65 POWER BOX MFC 22 21000.-
Goya x1 freestyle 115 115 240 68 POWER BOX MFC 24 21000.-