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The all-new 2009 Surf Trainer sail is the perfect match for the Surf First Series board. Easy up hauling, large viewing window, and easy smooth feel are the defining characteristics of these sails.

These are beautiful and incredibly durable sails designed to help new windsurfers get moving on the water. They are built to take the beating that beginner sails take with their super strong all Dacron and PVC body construction. Endless hours of washing in the shore break, dragging along the sand, and the impact of knees and elbows are no problem for these sails.

Bright colors and eye catching design make this sail a fun tool for the learning process.

teised Goya 2009 aastra purjed: w3d wave, guru wave, fxr freeride, lastepuri storm, first surf

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Best mast Luff
Head Hind
1,5 RDM 223 105 vario 1650.-
2,0 RDM 262 122 vario 1800.-
2,5 RDM 296 135 vario 1950.-
3,0 RDM 322 145 vario 2100.-
3,5 RDM 348 155 vario 2200.-
4,0 RDM 375 165 vario 2400.-