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The 2009 Quatro Freeride boards are an evolution of last years model. The result is a lighter board with better acceleration and excellent top speed with the same medium length & full outline concept and a super fast rocker.

The bottom features an accelerating V that becomes more defined towards the tail, making the board extremely fast and allows you to fully continue turns when jibing.

There is a slight double concave by the mast track to absorb those hard hits when going real fast on choppy water, making your ride more comfortable, stable and ultimately, faster.

These boards bring you the maximum fun in freeriding and light wind sailing. Because of the large volumes, no pumping is needed to glide though lulls. Needless to say we’re stoked to find these boards to be adrenaline rushing racers as well.

The 2009 Quatro Freeride boards feature a single sandwich deck and a double sandwich bottom. The lamination is done with full biaxial glass in complements to Biaxial-Carbon reinforcements. This construction allows us to have an excellent balance between strength and weight, as well as harmonic flex and performace.

The 2009 Quatro Freeride boards come with specially designed Dual Density Footpads and feature new MFC fins and footstraps.

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Laud Maht Pikkus Laius Uim Hind
Quatro freeride 110 110 l 239 cm 63 cm POWERBOX MFC LIQUID PRO 38 18900.-
Quatro freeride 125 125 l 247 cm 68 cm POWERBOX MFC LIQUID PRO 42 18900.-
Quatro freeride 150 150 l 256 cm 75 cm POWERBOX MFC LIQUID PRO 48 18900.-