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The 2009 Quatro Freestyle Wave boards feature a fast rocker for instant planing and a slight bevel throughout the tail for those backward moves you love so much. Also, this bevel helps doing sweet and easy turns on smaller waves. The boards have gotten more compact, designed to be efficient on anything in between flat water aggressive freestyling, impressive jumps and new style wave shredding.

The boards have been designed for Freestyle, and cater early planing and high top end speed that the Quatro Freestyle Wave is already known for. As it’s now even shorter with the same volume, you get a board with a compact center of gravity that is easy to throw around in most advanced freestyle moves. The Freestyle Wave allows you to pull off freestyle tricks on small waves, making every move a comfortable, stable and fun moment. When you take this fast board into bump and jump style conditions, get ready to fly! With its light feel underfoot, huge jumps are not
a problem.

Of course this board wouldn’t be complete without the right blend of wave riding experience that Quatro International is famous for. Smooth rails and a fine tuned outline contribute to the wave mastery that will let you enjoy flowing bottom turns and off the top power carves. In fact this board is the perfect for everyone new to wave sailing, due to its great stability and easy handling.
The 2009 Quatro Freestyle Wave boards feature a single sandwich deck and a double sandwich bottom. The lamination is done with full biaxial glass in complements to Biaxial-Carbon reinforcements. This construction allows us to have an excellent balance between strength and weight, as well as harmonic flex and performace.

The bottom is a Panel V with a Double Concave running from the mast track to your front foot, which allows the board to softly cut right thru the chop at high speeds.

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Laud Maht Pikkus Laius Uim Hind
Quatro freestyle wave 75 75 l 236 cm 56,3 cm POWERBOX MFC FW 23 19900.-
Quatro freestyle wave 85 85 l 238 cm 58,5 cm POWERBOX MFC FW 28 19900.-
Quatro freestyle wave 95 95 l 240 cm 61,2 cm POWERBOX MFC FW 30 19900.-
Quatro freestyle wave 105 105 l 242 cm 64,2 cm POWERBOX MFC FW 32 19900.-