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The 2009 Quatro Wave boards are being greatly influenced by what Pro Riders allover the world define as the new standard in wavesailing. Quick turning and a lively feel on the waves, or as Keith Teboul puts it “The vibrant balance between a drivey enough board and a turny enough board. Our wave boards are real wave boards.”

And they are fast, very fast. The modern short lengths ask for the maximum of shape efficiency. Rockers, Outlines and Thickness Flows of these boards have been brought to a level of perfection that offers extreme maneuverability and precision edge, to let you forget what’s under your feet when things get epic and accelerated.

The board’s bottom starts with a V upfront, continuing into a slight double concave by the mast track, running into a single concave thru your stance. This bottom is shaped for spontaneous planing and ultimate maneuverability.

The 2009 Quatro Wave boards feature a single sandwich deck and a double sandwich bottom. The lamination is done with full biaxial glass in complements to Biaxial-Carbon reinforcements. This construction allows us to have an excellent balance between strength and weight, as well as harmonic flex and performace.

The 2009 Wave boards, as well as all Quatro Boards come with specially designed Dual Density Footpads. A soft bottom layer to absorb even the hardest shocks and a harder top layer to supply supreme grip and resistance to abrasion.

All boards feature all new MFC fins and MFC footstraps.

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Laud Maht Pikkus Laius Uim Hind
Quatro wave 72 72 l 237 cm 53,6 cm US BOX MFC 2K 21 19900.-
Quatro wave 78 78 l 240 cm 55,8 cm US BOX MFC 2K 22 19900.-
Quatro wave 86 86 l 242 cm 57,9 cm US BOX MFC 2K 23 19900.-