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A year has passed since we introduced the Quatro Wave Twin Fin boards, and the response has been overwhelming. A number of both professional and casual sailors have shifted gears and gone for this powerful design. What has been a rarity is now the new trend. These boards allow you to finish your turns all the way, resulting in a continuous motion from the bottom turn to the off the top, going right back down the line.

The two fins put the rails in the water sooner and keep them in the water throughout the whole turn. We refined the already famous harmonic thickness flow and increased the planing asset of the Twin Fin even more.

Regardless of whether your style is front or back foot influenced, you will definitely feel a whole new sensation, doing turns you’ve never done before, at a speed you never thought possible. The modern lengths, rockers and thickness flows work in perfect combination with twin fins, fueling the fire for that new style of wavesailing. The direction that wavesailing is going is strongly influenced by a desire to surf and slide the waves, going into the critical part of the wave and making those waverides more fluent. Bringing the style found in surfing today to windsurfing is the new way and these are the boards for it. The combination of uncompromising control allowing you to really charge in a serious wave and the freedom that short twin fins give you for sliding and doing revolutionary moves is what the Quatro Wave Twin Fin boards are all about.

The 2009 Quatro Wave Twin Fin boards feature a single sandwich deck and a double sandwich bottom. The lamination is done with full biaxial glass in complements to Biaxial-Carbon reinforcements. This construction allows us to have an excellent balance between strength and weight, as well as harmonic flex and performace.

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Laud Maht Pikkus Laius Uimed Hind
Quatro wave twin fin 68 68 l 227 cm 53,3 cm US BOX MFC TP 150 20900.-
Quatro wave twin fin 75 75 l 230 cm 55,3 cm US BOX MFC TP 160 20900.-
Quatro wave twin fin 81 81 l 234 cm 57,3 cm US BOX MFC TP 165 20900.-


Pro-Windsurfer Jake Miller--Windsurfing San Carlos 2008-www.jake-miller.com from Jake Miller on Vimeo.