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The CNC Progressive Rocker Concept™

The 2010 line is our ultimate progression in CNC shape and design, with individual rockers tailored for each size board, looking for the most control and quickest reaction on the smaller sizes and favoring the larger sizes with all the speed, early planning and power you need for the lighter winds or heavier riders.

The bottom shapes of our entire range seamlessly blend panel V with concaves to 1/10th of a millimeter accuracy- combining the ultimate speed and control in bottom shapes.

Our Compact Outlines & Volume distribution are also precisely distributed in our shaping program, bringing a consistent flow and natural balance from the moment you step on to any of our boards.

Along with the stance geometry, the fin and the rig inserts are individually tuned for each model.

custom wave series
custom twin fin wave series
one freestyle-wave series
X1 freestyle series
FXR freeride series
FXR freerace series
surf beginner series


Proven Lay-Up
Light weight and strong construction is what we are after, and we just keep on fine tuning it year after year. Our customized lay-up system is tuned up according to the need scenarios of each size board and model. At the foot strap & landing area the reinforcements are more developed and we gradually reduce them towards the front of the board, creating a super light nose feeling, reducing the swing motion.

The Limited Edition is our most advance construction bringing light weight and durability into one lay up. The worldwide, year round R&D from our team and customers is what allow us improve constantly, the result is the lightest weights with the least warranty issues in the industry. All Ltd version will come in various colors lightly sanded speed finish, bringing warmth and a radical look.

The Eco-wood (eco-friendly material) construction uses a combination of PVC & Wood double sandwich. This construction also combines our latest research with a competitive price. All the Eco-wood construction will come in white color and lightly sanded finish.


New foot straps: thick and cushy the new MFC foot straps will make you forget you even have your feet in them with a great hold and comfort.

New pads: 8mm thick pad with double density provide optimum shock absorption, grip and reactivity. New grooves shape and density maximizes comfort and performance.

Anti-twist washers: In combination with the jaws washer, the anti-twist washer keeps your foot straps straight with the lightness and simplicity of a thin spacer.

Tune up indicators: All the range has easy setting indicator to help you tune your equipment for maximum performance and comfort.

goya custom wave series 2010

For high performance wave-sailing, there is no better wave board in our line than the GOYA Custom Wave Series, No compromise here, the focus is on hard core down the line conditions, these is the wave-machine for when the
conditions are firing.

Quick and easy into a plane they are an absolute rocket ship in a straight line, they get you hitting the ramps at full speed, turning into the biggest jumps.

Through the narrow tail width and smaller rails, it gives you a secure rail to rail direction feel when blasting down the line. It grips and turns with full commitment to the rail.

These boards carried speed and the drive you hard through the turns, accelerating as you come out of them, opening endless windows of possibilities for moves.

The Custom Wave Series is the board we choose for cross off riding on all sizes of wave and wind strengths.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal (Ltd) Kaal (wood) Purjed
66 l 232,2 cm 51,9 cm 5,21 kg 5,0 ja väiksemad
72 l 235 cm 53,7 cm 5,52 kg 5,3 ja väiksemad
78 l 237 cm 55,5 cm 5,62 kg 6,42 kg 5,7 ja väiksemad
84 l 239,1 cm 56,8 cm 5,88 kg 6,63 kg 6,2 ja väiksemad

goya custom twinfin wave series 2010

The ALL NEW GOYA Twin Fins are finally here; we develop these boards to take wave riding to the next level. We found ourselves riding closer in the pocket of the wave than we have ever dreamed of just as if we were riding our surfboards. They also turn Cross-On conditions into whole wave riding playground bringing more wave overall-versatility.

If you want to ride like you surf this is your ticket, Quick and fast into a plane turns any conditions into your best session, bringing all the twin fin sensation with speed.

Ridden by the most advance of riders or beginner wavesailors, these boards completely redevelop the way we will ride for years to come.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal (Ltd) Kaal (wood) Purjed
74 l 228,7 cm 54,6 cm 6,05 kg 6,64 kg 5,3 ja väiksemad
81 l 230,6 cm 56,6 cm 6,33 kg 6,78 kg 5,7 ja väiksemad
89 l 232,3 cm 58,7 cm 6,56 kg 7,11 kg 6,2 ja väiksemad

goya one freestyle-wave series 2010

EXTREMLY FAST, FOR ALL STYLES AND ALL CONDITIONS, WELCOME TO A ONE BOARD. This is our ultimate flat water blasting, waves or freestyle one board quiver. This is our most popular model, that it turned into an instant favorite among our customers.

Whatever you are after out there, you get there before you know it, the compact outline increases the wind range these boards can be used on, with early planning and high end control, bringing confidence and a progressive feedback with endless hours of fun.

The flat and curved CNC rocker line translates the wind into an endless acceleration and together with the combination of double concaves with forward V, invites you to lay your jibe with confidence right through the middle of the chop.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal (Ltd) Kaal (wood) Purjed
77 l 238 cm 56,5 cm 5,81 kg 6,5 kg 5,2 ja väiksemad
85 l 239,6 cm 58,7 cm 6,10 kg 6,62 kg 6,2 ja väiksemad
95 l 241,4 cm 61,2 cm 6,19 kg 7,00 kg 6,8 ja väiksemad
105 l 241,8 cm 63,3 cm 6,79 kg 7,36 kg 7,2 ja väiksemad

goya X1 freestyle series 2010

This is not any regular board- it is an Airborne board, exclusively designed for the next generation of freestyle moves. The new shorter shape combines extreme power up air moves with the full rail carving capabilities.

The design also features an increased tail volume and bevel for reverse sliding tricks as well as an extended flat section on the front of the deck of the board for a quicker reaction on the moves.

The longer flat CNC milled rocker section comes close to our freerace line, focusing on early planning and top end speed. The gradual nose rocker also been reduced for control and easiness while switching from tail to nose glides.

Who said flatwater was boring anyway – when you hardly ever touch it? The air is yours!

The 105 – 115 boards are build with our lightest and strongest construction to date, adding all the pop and glue to your feet sensation you need to explore your potential.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal (Ltd) Purjed
105 l 235 cm 65 cm 6,88 kg 6,2 ja väiksemad
115 l 236 cm 68 cm 7,09 kg 6,8 ja väiksemad

goya FXR freeride series 2010


The 2010 FXR is a compact and stable design that gets planning on the lightest breeze and flies effortlessly through the wind lulls. The CNC fine tuned rockers keep the board gliding with the minimum wetted surface area. On the jibes the more compact design helps the FXR turn with ease, and finish the transitions with speed. In a straight line, the boards are extremely fast. The curved deck under the foot strap area provides an incredibly smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions.

With the foot straps settled to the inner position, the FXR maneuvers and transitions easily. In this position, the straps are also in the ideal configuration for first time foot straps users, making getting in the straps easy and fun. With the “further out into the rail” foot straps position the more advanced rider can trim the windward rail with more control, maximizing rail and fin lift, increasing the speed of the board.

The board construction focuses on light weight and durability. The sanded finish minimizes paint weight, and the full double wood and PVC sandwich offer great strength and dent resistance.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal Purjed
125 l 250 cm 68 cm 7,30 kg 8,2 ja väiksemad
145 l 258 cm 75 cm 8,60 kg 9,0 ja väiksemad

goya FXR freerace series 2010

Through its added width and light weight, the all New FXR-S is also the first board to get you into a plane.

Slightly more technical than the FXR on the outboard footstrap positioning, it can still be tuned to a more casual riding with the inboard settings. Through the new CNC slalom rocker line, it gives you the confidence to push with all your weight forward into the corners, allowing you to change the radius of your jibe at any time.

The board construction focuses on light weight and riding stability. The sanded finish minimizes paint weight, and the full double wood sandwich offer great strength and dent resistance.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal Purjed
116 l 242 cm 69 cm 7,15 kg 7,5 ja väiksemad
130 l 245 cm 74 cm 7,50 kg 8,2 ja väiksemad
144 l 250 cm 77 cm 7,90 kg 9,0 ja väiksemad

goya surf beginner series 2010

The focus of this board is to get anyone to enjoy the windsurfing feeling fast and allow the rider to improve into the future on the same board.

Learning to get in the straps, jibe, trim upwind or race downwind. A balanced board for beginners that can also be turned into one of the most used boards in the quiver of advanced riders. Not to forget the Stand Up Paddle assets of this stable platform.

A wide & short fin helps first time water starts in shallow sections while still maintaining enough fin area once you are planning. Additionally, the all new fully retractable Allgaier¨ dagger board brings the best of both worlds. You can choose to either have it hidden away, tucked inside the board while riding around, or have it down for first time riders or for trimming upwind on the lighter wind days. Having the daggeboard down maximizes stability while learning to up-haul.

The board features a full EVA deck. Added foam thickness in the nose area keeps the board safe from potential boom front and mast hits.


Maht Pikkus Laius Kaal Purjed
192 l 280 cm 85 cm 14 kg kõik purjed