1-päeva-tripp Hiiumaale

taavi kirjutas on Sunday Nov 10, 2013 rubriigis päevikud, taavi, videod

Enough of these side-on-shore and gusty as hell Ristna days already. With stronger winds it’s always so tempting to select a 3.2 m2 sail and at times it may even feel perfect, but then there is usually not enough speed for going down the line. I should learn to rig bigger sails I think. Beautiful lines were difficult to find today, because they did not exist : ) and the ones I did find are not on “film” because of the camera problems. Not my fault, I ride perfectly haha : ) Really, so proud of myself for not loosing the gear today. With one particular train wreck under the water I tried a new trick – not just holding onto the boom but actually diving head first between the sail and the boom, to be sure that I will stay with the gear. khmm, do not try this at home, bad idea.

surfikoht: Ristna