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MFC HAWAII -- 30 years

MFC HAWAII // Maui Fin Company was founded in 1986; the 2016 year marks our 30 years anniversary. We decided to finish this year with a little story including some of our best riders: Kai Lenny, Marcilio Browne, Francisco Porcella, Victor Fernández Official Fansite, Yuri Soledade, Ricardo Campello, Kevin Pritchard, Camille Juban, Keith Teboul, Levi Siver, Doug Silva, Darrick Doerner, Gollito Estredo, Thank you Poor Boyz Productions BlueGraphicst happen, BlueGraphics, and all the #mfchawaii athletes involved for the last 30 years of ocean life. #mfchawaii #worldsfastestfins #mauifincompany #surfing #windsurfing #bigwavesurfing

Posted by MFC Hawaii on Thursday, 29 December 2016