Camille Juban’i hooaeg

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MAUI.EE teise purjebrändi – MauiSails’iga – sõitjad vapustasid ka tervet maailma. No ameerika mandreid vähemalt, võites AWT kullad kokkuvõttes nii meeste, naiste kui ka seeniorite arvestuses. Loe lähemalt MauiSails’i lehelt.

Neid imepurjeid – 2014 aasta MauiSails Mutant’e – on meil terve sett, ootamas kedagi, kes soovib endale häid kergeid ja vastupidavaid purjeid. Hinnad, eriti mastide hinnad, on mõnevõrra soodsamad kui Goya’del. Küsige julgesti.

Ja siin on mõned stiilinäited Quatro / MauiSails’i sõitja Camille Juban’i esituses, kes teist aastat järjest American Windsurfing Tour’i võitis:

surfikoht: ‘all over the world’

Levi, Camille, Bernd – 3 riders, 3 titles

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Levi, Camille, Bernd - 3 riders, 3 titles

jälle “kodus”

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We are having a blast here. If you don’t have time to come to Ristna, Estonia, to sail with us, feel free to enjoy the virtual first-person shooter type of windsurfing : )

surfikoht: Ristna

Goya Windsurfing World Title

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Nemad nägid vaeva, võistlesid ja võitsid, tegid häid laudu ja purjeid ja kõike muud vajalikku, kuid me kõik saime kiita : ) Palun ja aitäh!

They won the titles and made all the hard work with the gear and everything, but at the end, we all received thanks and good words, yes yes, you too, dear Goya / Quatro fans. And the best part – this is not the end.

Goya Windsurfing World Title

1-päeva-tripp Hiiumaale

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Enough of these side-on-shore and gusty as hell Ristna days already. With stronger winds it’s always so tempting to select a 3.2 m2 sail and at times it may even feel perfect, but then there is usually not enough speed for going down the line. I should learn to rig bigger sails I think. Beautiful lines were difficult to find today, because they did not exist : ) and the ones I did find are not on “film” because of the camera problems. Not my fault, I ride perfectly haha : ) Really, so proud of myself for not loosing the gear today. With one particular train wreck under the water I tried a new trick – not just holding onto the boom but actually diving head first between the sail and the boom, to be sure that I will stay with the gear. khmm, do not try this at home, bad idea.

surfikoht: Ristna


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Our best wave-windsurfing spot fails to disappoint. Hoiatus: videod on pikad ja igavad. Kui aega/tahtmist vähe, ärge vaadake!

Hiidlastel on ikka hea elu. Ärkad kell 7, sõidad Ristnasse… ja oled kohal juba veerand kaheksa, mitte kell pool kaks hahahaaaa : ) Algul oli kaamera jaoks veel liiga pime, aga pärast mõnusat kolmetunnist sõidupäeva tuli päikegi välja ning siis oli hea ja rahulik vaadata Ristna muretuid laineid, mis sinna omaette edasi tegutsema jäid.

surfikoht: Ristna

The wind direction was not what they promised / what we expected. It was supposed to be windy and perfect side shore. But the waves were still good, and there is always plenty to learn about side-on-shore wave riding.

At the very end of the clip there is an example of a clean set waves that were so inviting yet so punishing at the same time. I was barely able to hold onto the gear this time.

surfikoht: Ristna

Due to a popular demand I left in some waterstarts and scenes of swimming after the gear. But this was just a warm-up day – proper waves are here today, as the wind was > 30 m/s during the night.

surfikoht: Ristna

The wind and waves came so late that pretty much everybody decided to go back to reality, away from the Ristna and Hiiumaa. Only a few brave ones stayed and were able to enjoy PWA rider Tuomo’s 360’s, his just fabulous wave selection, and also that priceless feeling of freedom and energy that the waves and wind are offering. All for free at the Baltic sea.

surfikoht: Ristna

Did not find good waves today, but others did. Our autumn has finally started, with plenty of good days still ahead hopefully.

surfikoht: Ristna