Saadjärve foilikoolis 😻

taavi kirjutas on Friday Aug 19, 2022 rubriigis päevikud, taavi, videod

Saadjärve foilikoolis on seni veel lõputuna näiv suvi. Tulge kooli!

taavi kirjutas on Wednesday Aug 17, 2022 rubriigis videod

Madis @ banzaistudio teeb järjest ägedamaid ja ägedamaid töid, ja see kuulus tema joonistatud aerial off the lip on ka ikka kenasti portfoolio-klipis sees.

KT Ginxu

taavi kirjutas on Tuesday Aug 9, 2022 rubriigis videod

Testing the latest and greatest downwind Foilboard from KT Surfing. This one was extremely exciting to test because it makes going downwind so much easier. Excited for people to get on these type of boards more often. Hurley Red Bull TAG Heuer CARIUMA GoPro

Posted by Kai Lenny on Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Vääna Fun 2022

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Connections ❤️

taavi kirjutas on Wednesday Aug 3, 2022 rubriigis videod

“Connections, offers a deeper look into our Synergy release and how Keith Teboul as a designer gets inspired. His legacy, mission, and the meaning of his quest; the balance of developing new products, long-lasting relationships as well as how he works with his team and partners to build Quatro and Goya’s identity.

Featuring: Levi Siver, Marcilio Browne, Camille Juban, Loick Lesauvage, Jason Diffin, Keith Teboul and Francisco Goya.”