intervjuu Quatro lauadisaineri Keith Teboul’iga

taavi kirjutas on Friday Aug 14, 2009 rubriigis intervjuud, uudised. Sildid: , lehel on pikk ja põhjalik intervjuu Quatro lauadisaineri Keith Tebouliga, kes on viimase 15 aasta jooksul laudu disainides kogunud hindamatu kogemustepagasi. Tema sulest tulevad lauad Kauli Seadile, Jason Polokowile, Levi Siverile, Francisco Goyale, Josh Stonele ja paljudele teistele, kes spetsiaalselt oma soovide järgi loodud laudadest lugu oskavad pidada. Loe intervjuud…


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intervjuu UK Quatro sõitja Jamie Hancock’iga

kris kirjutas on Saturday May 23, 2009 rubriigis intervjuud. Sildid: , , võttis ühendust hetkel UKWA lainesõidutuuri juhtiva Jamie Hancock’iga. Iiri etapi võitja ning Rhosneigr’i võistlusel teiseks tulnud Jamie vastas hea meelega meie küsimustele. Hi Jamie, first of all congrats on your success at the UKWA tour! How did it feel to beat such guys like Skye, Horroks and Proffit in those epic conditions?
Jamie: Yea it was great, these guys sail all year round and compete on the world tour so to win it felt great! Despite generally ripping, they are also good competitors so to do well against them in competition is a mega bonus. What do you have to say about the conditions in Ireland and do you think the weather favored your riding style?
Jamie: I think so, I love sailing in ‘down the line’ conditions but I guess most of the guys do. I had fun sailing, despite it being during heats, which definitely helps cause if your not enjoying it then its likely to show during your heats.

My boards also help a lot as they totally rip. It gave me a massive advantage with the wave riding as they can turn a lot tighter which gave me full confidence throughout the event. What do you think, did the second place at Rhosneigr give you good chances to clinch the overall title?
Jamie: At the moment it leaves me 1st overall, so I guess I couldn’t be in a better position going into the final 2 events. But the others are close behind so there won’t be room for many mistakes. It will be close but I have everything crossed that I can win the title and I’ll be going to the events looking to win both. Which gear did you use in the two competitions?
Jamie: I competed throughout both events on my 3.3m and 3.7m Gun Steel along with my 65 litre twin Quatro. They were both pretty windy events which proved tricky at times with it reaching over 50 knots!! And finally, what is your view, are the twinfins here to stay?
Jamie: Yes. The twins are definitely helping people all round the world improve their wave sailing and I know that they have helped improve mine. But single fins are always going to have their place in a lot of conditions as it is most importantly about the shape of the board.

I know that the guys at Quatro are always looking to improve and provide better and better designs and shapes so I wouldn’t be surprised if ‘tri’ and ‘quad’ fins become a more common option. With guys like Levi and Keith constantly pushing the progression of board designs and styles, taking them from the shaping room to Hookipa, I’m sure we’ll see more and more new innovations. Whether they work better or not who knows. For now, I still have a lot to master with single and twin fins!!
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Cabo supersession ja intervjuu Anguloga

kris kirjutas on Monday Feb 23, 2009 rubriigis intervjuud, uudised. Sildid: , , , ,

Suurepärasele Cabo Verde võistlusele pandi punkt lainesõidu piire kompava supersessioniga. Võistluste viimase päeva tingimused olid niivõrd head, et sõitjatele otsustati anda veel üks võimalus oma oskusi näidata. Best trick formaadis peetud võistluse võitis puhta takaga Graham Ezzy. Teise koha sai Ricardo Campello, kelle backloop off the lip, olnuks kindlasti päeva parim trikk, kui ta vaid oleks selle püsti jäänud. Kolmandaks tuli Marcilio Browne’i, kellel sarnaselt Campellole ei õnnestunud oma valitud trikki – air taka’t – maanduda.

foto:’l õnnestus vahetult peale võistluste lõppu saada paar kiiret vastust Cabo Verde troonile naasnud Josh Angulolt. Hi Josh, first of all, how does it feel to be back on top at your homespot?
Josh: It feels absolutely beautiful to be back on top here at Ponta Preta. It really is very very special to me and my country. It’s something that is hard to explain, but all I can say is you can really feel the love in the air. Ponta Preta offered again some epic condition to run the first event of the 2009 wave tour. How much did the conditions favour youre style?
Josh: I actually felt the conditions in the second final favored Kauli, but in the end I sailed quite well and had a great day. I got relaxed and just did what I know how to do out there. Which gear did you use in the finals?
Josh: I used the Chango 88 production and Maui Sails 5.7 Legend production. Next time we will see you in Podersdorf, how motivated you are for the slalom tour?
Josh: I am very motivated, I’m going to test the Tr-5’s now.

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intervjuu Josh Anguloga

kris kirjutas on Tuesday Feb 10, 2009 rubriigis intervjuud, uudised, videod. Sildid: , ,

PWA lainesõiduhooaja avalöögini on jäänud vaid loetud päevad, 13. reedel antakse start tõenäoliselt aasta kõige oodatumale võistlusele. Cabo Verde lainesõiduvõistlus on surfiringkondades juba üksjagu elevust tekitanud – alates väga piiratud osavõtjate arvu kritiseerimisest kuni Kauli Seadi Quatro/JP neljauimelise laua piltide netti lekkimiseni. Lahing parimate vahel tõotab tulla äärmiselt põnev.’l õnnestus end libistada võistluste patrooni ja Cabo Verde surfisaadiku Josh Angulo tihedasse graafikusse ning esitada talle mõned küsimused: So in a few days, the most exhilarating windsurfing competition will take place in Cabo Verde. How good conditions have you had there and what can we expect for the competition?
Josh: Conditions have been great since Christmas, We have had a lot of variety in sailing conditions and there has been fantastic wavesailing sessions for everybody of every wave level;, from small waves to big. It has been very windy so many spots are working and catching windswell as well as groundswell, so we’re having a lot of fun. It has been all over the internet, that Kauli has been working there on his new quadfins, but which other pro riders are also there already and who are ripping?
Josh: Another sailor that came early and has been really charging and sailing well is Dany Bruch for Tenerife. He may surprise some people this year. What can we expect from  “king of Punta Preta” Josh Angulo this year? What does it take to get that throne back?
Josh: I feel that my sailing has been strong and I look forward to a strong effort. Hopefully with some good size swell, the conditions will favor my style. What do you think about the PWA wave calendar for 2009?
Josh: Looks the same as ever. I’m actually really more excited about the slalom schedule.

Thank you very much Josh and all the luck to you in the comp!

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