KT Ginxu Dragonfly

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Keith Teboul @ The Generic Foiling Podcast

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Quatro, Goya ja KT fännidele – tunne oma shaper‘it!

“Legendary shaper and waterman, Keith Teboul. Quattro, Goya, KT Surf and KT Foil – you name it, he shapes them all.

Super chill chat with a super chill guy.

Keith opens up on the industry as a whole at the moment as well as giving us an insight into the Ginxu shape now they’re 12 months into using the concept across the range. We get techy with construction differences between the windsurf shapes and foiling shapes, as well as going back to hear about the history behind the iconic brands Keiths involved with.

Check out @ktfoiling for more!”


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Saadjärve Sabfoili-crew sõiduoskused ning enesekindlus aina kasvavad, mis ühtlasi võimaldavad pisemate foilide peale üle kolida. Hugo oma suht pisikese laua ja 746 cm2 esitiiva ning 180 cm2 stabilisaatoriga.


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Üks väga iseseisev õpilane esimest korda wingi ja foiliga vees. Saadjärv on imeline!

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Goya Bolt Carbon 4th gen

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Sabfoil Medusa PRO

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Kolm uut ja ägedat esitiiba. Loe lähemalt…


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Loe lähemalt…


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Tulge kooli.

70 km

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