taavi kirjutas on Tuesday Jan 20, 2015 rubriigis päevikud, taavi, videod

Mingil hetkel, kui vesi alaneb, läheb Melkbosi laine eriti kurjaks.

surfikoht: Melkbos

kaameravaba elu / camera-free life

taavi kirjutas on Friday Jan 16, 2015 rubriigis päevikud, taavi, videod

Lately I have had some camera problems and too many good days have passed without a single clip. Bummer I didn’t get any material the other day at Yzerfontein, with beautiful logo to mast high waves, a bit underpowered 4.5 conditions, just a couple of people out in the waves, oh what a perfect day it was.

But now, after lots of resetting and firmware updates, careful charging and double checking the charger cables and everything, it looks kind of promising again. Fingers crossed – if it works in the pool it should work in the ocean as well, right? And there is no better way to celebrate the reincarnation of the camera than to showcase the MAUI.EE logo animation made by Goya / Quatro fan Madis Epler.

Kudos, Madis!

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