MFC Wave Harness III

taavi kirjutas on Thursday Sep 28, 2023 rubriigis uudised

Valmib 2024 aasta kevadel, ettetellijatele (kuni 10. oktoobrini) on hind soodsam, ja lisainfot saad, kui kirjutad

Introducing the MFC Wave Harness III – Hard Shell Series, the next step in our design evolution focused on lightweight, comfort, and simplicity for ultimate windsurfing freedom. Developed in collaboration with world champion Marcilio Browne, this harness is designed to offer enhanced support without sacrificing mobility during wave riding.

We’ve incorporated a fiberglass hard shell for rigidity while maintaining flexibility, ensuring proper back support and safety. The soft interior features padded neoprene material for added comfort, conforming to your back and sides for a secure fit. With flexible side parts and an internal flex belt, you’ll experience improved mobility, eliminating harness sliding or riding up.

This harness strikes the perfect balance between freedom of movement and support. Its lightweight hard shell construction, non-water absorbent foam, and quick-release spreader bar ensure seamless and optimal force distribution for an exceptional windsurfing experience. Enjoy maximum windsurfing freedom with the MFC Wave Harness III – Hard Shell Series.