Quatro Super Mini

taavi kirjutas on Tuesday Jun 21, 2016 rubriigis päevikud, taavi, videod

First try of the Quatro Super Mini. They could have named it just Quatro Mini, because “Super” is kind of obvious haha. It was an extremely gusty side-onshore 3.5 weather, with small waves, and I can’t ride onshore at all. The board is super secure while initiating the drop from even the steepest waves and turns wonderfully – just make sure you have the foot all the way in the back foot strap, it makes finishing the turns so much easier. Later switched to Goya 80 Custom, but the wave was too weak for really enjoying a small board. I’d say that 94 Super Mini matches well with 3.5 Fringe haha, no problem there. What an Instant big like : )

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